In an era marked by the rise of electric mobility, KuCHARGE stands as the beacon of change in Malaysia and ASEAN’s electric vehicle (EV) charging landscape. Current EV charging infrastructure in the region faces significant challenges that hinder the seamless transition to electric transportation. KuCHARGE is here to redefine what can be expected in this rapidly evolving field.


KuCHARGE, a dynamic startup founded under Stratetics Experts Sdn. Bhd., emerges from the vibrant environment of Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia. Our mission is to reshape industries through innovation and sustainability, envisioning a future where technology and eco-friendliness coexist harmoniously. With a focus on advancing the electric vehicle (EV) charging landscape, KuCHARGE represents a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and environmental responsibility.

Malaysia and ASEAN nations have embraced the promise of electric mobility as a solution to environmental and economic concerns. Governments have pledged support, and consumers are increasingly interested in EVs. However, the existing EV charging infrastructure often falls short, hampering the realization of this vision.

KuCHARGE is not just a solution to this challenge; it is the catalyst for an EV charging revolution. We are committed to establishing a comprehensive, accessible, and technologically advanced charging network that empowers EV owners and inspires more individuals to choose electric mobility.


Our Solution